The GOLDPRINZ LOFT is the location in Hamburg for photo shoots and film productions as well as special events.

The GOLDPRINZ LOFT was developed by artist Tanja Isabel Dipner as a creatively designed, urban space. It is located in the centre of Hamburg, 15 minutes from the main Berlin/Hannover autobahn and 25 minutes from Hamburg Airport.

Housed in a former cigar factory, the GOLDPRINZ LOFT offers a unique, sophisticated and warm atmosphere combined with great flexibility in its layout. Natural materials such as walnut, stone and exposed brick are featured throughout.

Along the entire east-facing wall, there are large, metal-frame windows overlooking the courtyard. These windows ensure that the main area, encompassing 120m² with 3.30m high ceilings supported by concrete pillars, is flooded with diffuse daylight and/or direct sunlight into the furthest recesses.

A winch is available to facilitate the installation and removal of equipment and sets.

The GOLDPRINZ LOFT has two permanent parking places available.

It is the perfect location for creative work, successful shoots and interesting events.


Upon request, we can organise catering for you.

Booking and Prices

For all enquiries, please contact Tanja Isabel Dipner.

+49(0)162 42 58 140


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